Mixed and Digital Media


30″ H x 37″ W

A new work, from start to finish, utilizing ribbons for a very linear look I wanted to achieve. 

I auditioned lots of ribbons and thought of using black for contrast.  In the end, I went another direction.  

All ribbons are Misty Fused to satin, then stitched down.  The trick was getting all the ends under finished ribbon lengths so there were no raw tails sticking out.  Ribbon is particularly difficult to sew because it has a tendency to be “wavy” when stitched. Some of the ribbons sparkle, which does not come across in the photos.


30″ H x 33″ W

My original photo printed on Satin. Quilted on domestic Bernina sewing machine. SAQA Regional Exhibit “Wild” 2022.


Let There Be Light

41″ H x 41″ W

Original photograph digitally manipulated and printed on cottons, appliqued to salvaged woven background fabric.  Quilted with metallic and rayon threads on domestic Bernina sewing machine. Springville Museum of Art Annual “35th Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah” exhibit.


The Ancient

11″ H x 8.5″ W

Photo image on paper on top of fabric.  Mounted on painted canvas. Quilted on Bernina domestic sewing machine.