About Me

Hi, I’m Rosanna Lynne

I work in a rather small studio space that has excellent light from two north facing windows. I sew with an old workhorse, a Bernina Activa 130. I also “built” a nice cutting/design table by cobbling together 2 Ikea bookcases and an Ikea table top, all bolted and glued together. This unit has a bit of storage underneath for my supplies and tools. I have never kept a large fabric stash but buy what I need as I go (lately from online retailers, for the most part). The rest of the room is taken up with my TV, a wood-burning stove, a small china hutch (which holds some of my thrifting treasures), my mother’s cedar chest (built by her father) and a nice chaise lounge where I cuddle my doggies when I watch TV.  It’s a small, cozy setup, but it works for me.

My customized Ikea work table
My Sewing Space